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Cross Country Long Distance Movers is one of the top recommended long distance moving service provider in the United States. We work meticulously to make sure that our certified professional movers are equipped with the necessary tools which will enable them to offer superior moving and packaging service to you.
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We know how stressful driving a new classic car over a long distance can be right after purchase, or how draining driving across many states can be due to relocation. Certainly, both are not fun. That is why we offer professional auto shipping services such that your car stays cared for and protected throughout its trip.
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We offer affordable cross country moving cost which varies depending on how big or small your home or business is, the number of items to be moved, and location to or from which you are moving. When you move with Cross Country, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or charges. We will provide you with a flat price depending on your exact inventory.
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Our team of movers are trained at packing belongings in the most effective way. We use moving boxes and other types of customized wardrobe boxes to ensure that your packing needs are met adequately. Whether you need us to pack your household dishes, chairs, expensive wares, gadgets, art works, etc., our professional movers specialize in packing everything in a skillful way.
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Our expert moving teams are trained to ensure the safety of your personal belongings.
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Our mission is to bring high quality, long distance moving services to every customer.
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Our Company top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.
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Cross Country Moving Company is the most trusted name in auto industry in the country.

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5 5 1
Loved these guys. They really took their care and time into helping me move. I was really worried about getting my vanity mirror moved and making sure all my make up wouldn't get bundled in a mess. They had all types of boxes and covers to use to make sure nothing would be scratched. Everything got to my new home safe and sound and loved working with these guys. Would use them again!

Good to be true!

4 5 1
I'm surprised by the negative reviews noted in 2015 because my experience was so wonderful. I understand how the sales and admin sides can be subpar, I'm used to this in NYC; poor communication, etc. But in the case of FlatRate, the actual muscle, smarts, and good will of the team eclipsed any bumps in the road along the way. We had sensitive materials over a 100 years old and they never made me feel as if I was being too sensitive or overly concerned. In fact, their bedside manner was superlative. Aiby and his team made what is typically a draining and stressful experience to be full of humor and professionalism. I think the sales team likely undercut the true value of this job to close the deal at a significant disservice to the team who did the actual move -- two moves -- home + storage facility from NYC to NJ. From 9am to 10pm at night until everything was in the correctly labeled room. High-fives all around. Be tolerant with the office -- and the movers will knock it out for you. We did across the country with Flatrate, too. Not a hitch.


4 5 1
All facets of the move with FlatRate were exceptional. From working with Ming in the office getting the inventory list correct and helping clarify any aspect that I was unclear about it was a truly outstanding experience. The day of the move 11/13/15 the two guys were polite, friendly and very professional I felt they went above and beyond with care of my items. Packing up was fast and efficient and I met them at the new location where they brought everything in and unpacked very quickly and carefully. This was a move in Manhattan that from pack down to final set up took only about 2.5 hours total which I was expecting to take a lot longer. Thank you very much FlatRate moving, I'm in my new apartment and would recommend this company with the highest regards.

Cross Country Moving Company’s Guide to Your Move to Houston

Did you just graduate and want to move to another state? Are you thinking about starting a family, and wish to relocate to a more suitable place for that? Did you just quit your job and want to start a new life in the other part of America? Whatever the reason, moving cross country is a big change, and Cross Country Moving Company is here to help you take that step.
The first thing you should do before you start packing your moving boxes is to decide where you want to move. Our suggestion – Houston, Texas. Don’t believe us? Read on, and we just might convince you that this city is perfect for you.

The Houstonians

People from Houston are called Houstonians, and there is so many of them. Over two million people live in the city of Houston, while more than 6 million call the Houston metro area their home. This makes Houston the fourth most populous city in United States. Houston is a surprisingly multicultural city. This can be in part explained by the fact that it has numerous academic institutions which attract young people of different backgrounds each year. It is also home to numerous corporations which employ those who move to Houston. It has been estimated that Houstonians speak almost a hundred languages! The city’s residents are racially diverse as well.
No matter where you are moving from or what your background story is, you can rest assured that you will feel at home here.

The Climate

Houston belongs to the humid subtropical climate zone. This means that summers here are quite hot (usually over 90 degrees) and very humid. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Houston was 109 degrees, which happened in both 2000 and 2011.
Unlike Houston summers, winters here are mild and pleasant. Average January temperatures revolve around 53 degrees. It rarely snows here, however, flooding of certain areas is fairly common.
Before you start packing your belongings for your relocation to Houston, you might consider organizing a garage sale and selling your winter clothes. It will save you space in your moving boxes, and you will make some money on the side as well.

The Neighborhoods

Another crucial thing that you should do before you hire professional movers is to decide where exactly in Houston you want to live. There are numerous great neighborhoods here, and we have decided to shortlist some of the best ones for your convenience. Without further ado, here are the best Houston neighborhoods:
- Cinco Ranch. This neighborhood offers excellent schools, and its real estate market is quite stable. The population is quite diverse, it has plentiful outdoor and nightlife opportunities. However, it is not one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the city.
- Sugar Land. Doesn’t this neighborhood sound amazing? It is only slightly more expensive than Cinco Ranch, but it offers all the amenities the previous neighborhood does. It also has low crime rates and many job opportunities.
- El Lago. A bit cheaper than the previous two, this neighborhood is home to great schools and family amenities. Living here means finding a job quite easily and having a short daily commute. It also offers plentiful outdoor activities.
- Shenandoah. With costs of living equaling those in El Lago, this neighborhood boasts good school and a stabile real estate market. Commuting to work from here might take a little longer, but finding a job should not pose any problems.
- West University Place. Another one of the not-so-cheap neighborhoods, this area boasts amazing educational opportunities. It has a very lively nightlife, while family amenities are plentiful. Outdoor activities might be a little harder to find than in the previous neighborhoods, but commuting will take you very little time.
If you want to learn more about other Houston neighborhoods and choose the one that fits your needs and requests perfectly, click here .

Professional Movers

Once you have found your new home, it is time to begin your moving process. The first thing you should do is find a reliable moving company. In order to do so efficiently, we suggest you follow these simple steps:
- Look for residential moving companies online.
- Read moving companies’ reviews and cross out those which have low ratings.
- Make sure that the shortlisted companies are legitimate and licensed.
- Contact moving companies which remain on your list and ask for their moving quotes.
- Compare the quotes and cross out those moving companies which offer unreasonably high or suspiciously low moving prices.
- Contact Cross Country Moving Company to schedule your moving day.

Things to do in Houston

If you have never been to Houston before, that means that by moving here, you will get a whole new city to explore. Getting to know such a large place from scratch can be a demanding task. For this reason, we have decided to compile a list of fun things to do in your first days living in Houston:
- Barbeque. Houston holds the unofficial title of the best barbecue city in the country. If you are a fan of sizzling, juicy meat, make sure you visit Killen’s BBQ, Gatlin’s, or Triple J’s Smokehouse as soon as you get here.
- The Pride Parade. Although located in the traditionally conservative south, Houston is the capital of tolerance. In fact, this was the first major city to elect an openly homosexual mayor. Three times. It goes without saying that its Pride Parade is spectacular.
- NASA. The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, the home and Mission Control Center for the U. S. human spaceflight program is located in Houston. In fact, the first word uttered on the surface of the moon was “Houston”. How cool is that? Visit the Houston Space Center to find out more about this.
- The Arts. Houston is not just a scientific city, but an artistic one as well. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts to see the largest art collection in the Southwest of America. If performing arts are more your style, head to the Miller Outdoor Theatre, where you can enjoy Shakespeare’s work while sprawling on the grass.
- Swaminarayan Mandir. Don’t worry, we weren’t so sure what that was either until we googled it. This is the first traditional Hindu temple in the country and it is absolutely breathtaking! The amazing thing was – it was built in India, shipped to Houston, and then reassembled. The access to the temple is not limited to Hindus – people of other religions are welcome to visit it and learn about Hinduism and India.
- Astrodome. You would think that since the Astrodome closed down back in 1999, it has been standing there vacant and forgotten. Not on Houstonians’ watch! Today, the Astrodome serves as a huge food truck park. Amazing, isn’t it?
- Rodeo. Yeah, yeah, Texas and rodeo, how surprising. But the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the largest rodeo in the world! Who would want to miss out on that? And it’s not just cowboys riding horses – this Rodeo features concerts, kids’ events, and other fun activities.
There is so much more one can do in Houston. But we don’t want to spoil the fun for you. We suggest you go out and explore the city yourself once you move here. We can guarantee you, you won’t regret it.
Are you ready to move to Houston? If so, contact Cross Country Moving Company today to get the best moving price estimates and additional moving tips. Do you need car shipping or your belongings stored for a couple of days as well? Don’t worry, we at Cross Country Moving Company offer a wide variety of services, including professional packing, residential moving, providing moving boxes and other moving supplies, regular and enclosed auto transport, and storage. For more information, feel free to contact our representatives.